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Hello!  I'm Lauren, the owner and head shucker of Dean's Oyster Bar.  Originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I grew up on a farm and hunting preserve.  Eating fresh seafood, especially oysters, was always an integral part of family gatherings.  I loved helping my father and grandfather shuck oysters and seeing how much everyone enjoyed them.  

I was recruited to play Division I lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University and fell in love with the city of Baltimore, where I stayed for seven years.  Baltimore has a vibrant seafood scene and I soaked it up by working in some of the best restaurants there and trying as many places as possible.  After college, I taught school for a long time.  I've also coached and officiated girls lacrosse for almost 20 years.  

I moved to Florida over ten years ago for a teaching job, but starting a food venture was always in the back of my mind as a passion project.  A few years ago, I was feeling pretty homesick and longing for a taste of my childhood and formative years in Maryland.  Oyster bars are plentiful there, but not so much in Central Florida.  Frustrated by the lack of raw bars in Orlando, the idea for Dean's Oyster Bar was born.  However, between working full time, the Covid pandemic, starting another small business, and having a child, the dream got put on the backburner.  

By happenstance, I came across some equipment for sale that would allow me to finally start this venture fairly quickly.  So here we are!  I can't wait to share my passion for sustainable oysters with you at pop ups, weddings, parties, and other events.    

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